Portuguese Assignment

In this composition the student must demonstrate the ability to combine correct grammar and syntax as well as appropriate vocabulary from Lição 11 (and any previous lição) in Ponto de Encontro/the MPL eText to phrase a coherent text in multiple paragraphs using multi-clause sentences. Students are encouraged to use the grading rubric below as a check-list to verify that the composition has all the required grammar and vocabulary before submission.
A revised and edited version of the composition with corrections, possibly with additional sentences added and responses to questions about grammar used by the student, will be graded as the remaining 30% of the grade for that composition must be submitted later as assigned by the instructor.
This two-step writing assignment is called process writing. The purpose of employing process writing, is to allow the student to reflect on correct grammar and syntax and appropriate vocabulary for the given topic and to develop and expand a topic in writing.
Your composition must be 100-120 words total; too few words may result in a reduction of the grade, and words beyond the word limit may not be graded.
Students are encouraged to not use grammar structures beyond what has been taught in _ but to maintain focus on demonstrating correct use of the grammar and structures taught in these courses and in accordance with the assignment instructions. The use of more advanced structures will not result in added points. Students who use grammar structures not yet taught by _ will be expected to explain their use of said grammar and to further demonstrate a working knowledge or familiarity with its use. Inability to account for grammar structures used in the composition may result in a reduction of your composition grade.
The submitted composition must be original material produced by the student independently according to the assignment instructions provided in Sakai and will be graded according to the rubric made available with the assignment instructions. The use of textbook, dictionaries and WordRefernece.com is allowed for the elaboration of the composition. Submitting work prepared by, in collaboration with others and/or with the use of online machine translation to translate sequences of two or more words constitutes a violation of the Honor Code. Any cause for concern and uncertainty on the part of the instructor about potential use of machine translation will be passed on to the Office of Student Conduct for evaluation. If you have questions about the difference between online dictionaries and machine translation, please contact your instructor.

Content of the composition: Relate a single episode of your favorite medical show (House, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Code Black, etc.). You will use the present tense (literary present) in both indicative and subjunctive forms to relate the events of the episode. Use the subjunctive with emotion, doubt, volition, possibility, etc. countered by the indicative to recount the events. For example: Há um desastre de helicóptero. A vítima está gritando. Ele tem medo de que vá perder a perna. O médico espera que possa salvá-lo. Ele corta a camisa para ver melhor e começa a operação. Os amigos da vítima esperam que sobreviva e lamentam que ele esteja ferido.
Your essay should include at least 5 instance of the subjunctive and at least 12 words from the Lição 11 vocabulary list.
Correct use of the subjunctive/indicative 1-10
Adequate number of words from vocab list 1-10
Correct use of grammar prior to Lição 11 1-10
Linguistic creativity 1-10

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