Supply and demand

Part B (25 points)

This week you are to complete a fully complete draft response to the following. You are to complete this draft without assistance from either current or former MBA 5010 students. This draft response will be evaluated on completeness and clarity but not graded for content. Next week you’ll be given an opportunity to collaborate with your peers to complete a final response.

Consider if there should be a market for organs -specifically kidneys. In the United States, it illegal to sell kidneys.
Explain how this is in essence like the government has imposed a price ceiling of zero on the market for kidneys, thus creating a shortage.
Discuss how a free market for organs such as kidneys might result in benefits.
What value might be created from a free market for kidneys. Specifically discuss how sellers might be better off and how buyers might be better off.
Would this lead to an efficient allocation of resources?
Are there any other issues to consider if there was a free market for kidneys such as fairness.(e.g., would only those most willing and able to pay for a kidney be the ones that benefit).


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