“The Value of having Interagency Coordination to fight Cyber Crimes.”

Write a 12- to 15-page research paper on a subject of your choosing within the framework of Cybersecurity Infrastructure, including areas of interest, breaking news, technology, or other related topics. After you’ve selected a topic, submit your idea with an abstract to the instructor for approval.

Your paper must:

Conform to APA form and style and use APA citations
Utilize at least five valid, scholarly sources
Include at least twelve (10) pages of “real” content, but no more than fifteen (15) pages total. Glossaries or other supporting data should be placed in an appendix. Title pages, abstracts, and charts do NOT count toward the 12 page minimal length.
Be sure your paper is overwhelmingly your original work, not quoted or paraphrased. Be sure to properly cite quoted, derived or paraphrased works.

Refer to the Student Resources module for assistance with conducting your research, using the Library, and citing your sources. Remember, the Writing Center is available to review your paper and suggest ways you might improve it.

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