Lab Report

1. State your resulting hypothesis as created at the end of your Letter of Information/
Consent form. You do not need to include or attach the entire form in the assignment –
you only need to state your hypothesis. (1 mark)
Due to my family history’s geographical origin (Western Asia) and the high starch
consumption in that region, I hypothesize that my AMY1 diploid gene copy number and my
amylase production (concentration) will be high.
2. Using the CSE (Council of Science Editors) Name-Year (N-Y) format, create an end
reference for the Pajic et al. (2019) paper “Independent amylase gene copy number
bursts correlate with dietary preferences in mammals.” Refer to the following link for
detailed information on CSE N-Y citation style, how to correctly format your end
reference, and what needs to be included: Cite the
article as an online scholarly article. (2 marks)
Pajic P, Pavlidis P, Dean K, Neznanova L, Romano R-A, Garneau D, Daugherity E, Globig A,
Ruhl S, Gokcumen O. Independent amylase gene copy number bursts correlate with
dietary preferences in mammals. eLife. 2019 May 14 [accessed 2021 May 21]. https://
3. Using the figure below (as seen in the Perry et al. (2007) paper), identify a data point
that indicates there are other variables affecting the relationship (eg. evidence that this
is not a cause-and-effect relationship). Identify the data point clearly with a circle or
label. (1 mark)

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