You have helped your classmate to eliminate two of the qualified candidates for each position. Now, in how many different ways can the new branch be staffed? Each position needs several people: Buttercream Recipe Reader has 3 people. Buttercream Recipe Pourer has 5 people. Buttercream Recipe Mixer has 7 people. For each position, we have received twice as many applicants as employees needed for the positions. 6 applicants for Readers. 10 applicants for Pourers. 14 applicants for Mixers. For Readers, there are 6 choices, but we can only choose 3. 6*5*4 = 120 There are 120 ways to staff Buttercream Recipe Readers. For Pourers, there are 10 choices, but we can only choose 5. 10*9*8*7*6 = 30,240 There are 30,240 ways to staff Buttercream Recipe Readers. For Mixers, there are 14 choices, but we can only choose 7. 14*13*12*11*10*9*8 = 17,297,280 There are 17,297,280 ways to staff Buttercream Recipe Mixers. This is an example of permutation because it is an arrangement of applicants in a specific order (the positions). (answer the question provided. This is an example of a classmates busineagnss I have to respond to)

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