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Based on accountability testing, the area of concern is [look at your school data and your grade level and determine the area of need at your school—this may also be found in your school improvement plan]. Analysis of the categorical scoring of [subject identified as area of need], indicates there is a need to improve [note the specific category of the subject area with the lowest average of correct responses].

Identifying [specific category] as the area of need, the writer designed a classroom assessment for the purpose of determining current levels of performance for the students in the classroom. [You are required to design a pretest (which would also be the posttest) for this part of the assignment.] The pretest was administered, scored, and results posted [produce an excel spreadsheet of the scores]. An analysis of the question topics showed that [what skill was the most deficient? List that skill] is a skill requires instruction for all students.

There will be no posttest, so the alternative for that part of this assignment will be for you provide a short summary of the strategies that you would use for teaching the skill—list three strategies, indicate the level of thinking required, intelligence tapped, and an informal assessment. For example, if the skill were decoding,

Strategy 1: one could provide direct instruction, which is an “I say; you say” with visuals to teach a set of affixes. This strategy (direct instruction) would be at Bloom’s knowledge level and would tap spatial, and auditory (Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences). The informal assessment could involve teacher providing a word (repack) and asking students to write the affix (re) on a response board and list the meaning (to do again)—then hold up the board so the teacher could see.
Strategy 2: one could select partner pairs for spatial, kinesthetic, and interpersonal, learners (Gardner). Partner/pairs would have the task of adding affixes to a set of root words to generate new words (Bloom’s synthesis level—combining parts to make a whole). Assessment would be teacher observation of partner/pairs’ completion of task.


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