Coca-Cola Fortune 500

The objective of this Individual Course Project Presentation is to provide the opportunity for you to recognize and apply the four principles of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling and how they correlate into everyday activities in a Fortune 500 company.
This is an individual assignment.
In the sections below, you will find helpful information for completing your Individual Course Project Presentation. Your assignment is to review and discover how your company developed a successful Fortune 500 company (EXCLUDING the Top 20 companies) by means of utilizing the four principles of management.
This course project is broken down into 3 deliverables.
Each student is required to prepare a total of three (3) voice-narrated PowerPoint presentations over the course of the session.  Each part builds upon the previous part.
Steps to Select a Company for your Individual Course Project Presentation
Select and access a Fortune 500 company of interest by clicking on (Links to an external site.).
Think of yourself as an employee looking to move to lower level management. Look for a company that you personally may have dealings with as a consumer to accentuate your future customer considerations.
Tips For An Effective Presentation
Follow the 5 by 5 rule for PowerPoint:
No more than five words per line
No more than five lines per slide
Visuals: the use of charts, graphs and pictures is encouraged

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