colonialism in Cameroon

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Instructions: In three pages, respond to the following question(s) in an essay format. Your paper should consistently follow one single citation style of your choice and should be double-spaced in Arial 11 font. Your writing assignments will be graded based on the rubric provided. Remember to always provide evidence from your own knowledge and experience to make the theory “come alive” Though the scholarly readings you are required to do may seem at times to be dry, complicated, and even irrelevant, don’t panic! What I look for in your essays and discussions, in addition, of course, to proof of your comprehension of the readings, is a sincere attempt to relate the weekly question/s posed to you, to your own workplace experiences. Try to find some elements/ ideas/ concepts in the readings that may help you analyze the (paid or unpaid) jobs you have done, or any other practical knowledge you may have about particular workplaces. In other words, while demonstrating your understanding of the readings, attempt to give examples from your real-life experiences that relate to those reading/s. 1.How does Conchiglia describe the continuing effects of colonialism in Cameroon? 2.How do Dansereau and Rutherford describe the employment dynamics in the agricultural, mining, and other industrial sectors in Zimbabwe? 3.Finally, reflect on how colonialism and foreign interests have influenced employment systeagnms on the continent of Africa.

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