Comparative Analysis

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(1) This assignment is due 18 of June 12noon midday (2) No more than 2 pages (3) All connections have to be connected to the courses textbook the boy who was raised as a dog by doctor Bruce perry (4) Please note this is a degree paper it is a must all connections have to be cleared and precise well in-depth and well detailed there has to be definitions for the meaning of words and cited all connections from the book the boy who was raised as a dog there as to be intext citations with page numbers and through this assignment there as to the use of proper citations and pages numbers this assignment as very high expectations (5) The above what’s app message also explained provides additional explanations of the assignment it is a must please read all the instructions and follow the outline of the assignment very carefully (6) Please to also use the rubric this is what the teacher used to grade this assignment (7) This assignment required additional outside peer-revied sources with proper connections relating to the theme of the paper the theme of the paper is highlighted in red (8) Please to use the interview to get a fully understanding of the whole assignment this assignment is base on the interview along with the attached annotated bibliography (9) please see additional backup readings attached (10) this is a degree paper worth 35% of my grade there’s no rewrite in this program please follow all the guidelines, outline and instructions and the note on the what’s app helps you to understand the assignment and you have to use the interview and annotated bibliography along with the course textbook the bog who was raised as a dog by doctor bruce perry along with additional peer-reviewed sources well in-depth and well detailed all connections as to be intext citations and page numbers be very precise and clear and well connected

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