comparative essay.

For this final assignment, you will write a five pages comparative essay. This essay must analytically address the institutional and organizational similarities and differences between the labor markets, social labor structures, and/or labor movements of two regions/countries . The paper must be double-spaced, typed in 11-point, and follow a single citation style/format for both in-text citations and reference list. See link (Links to an external site.) to writing/citation styles. Essay Questions: Reflect on how various employment systems have emerged while attempting to balance the interests of capital and labor in the context of neo-colonialism, development, and economic growth, recession, or system change. Compare and contrast at least two countries. For example, compare and contrast the United States employment system with one other country’s employment system listed here : China, France, Germany, India, Japan or United Kingdom. In your comparative essay, be sure to include the following information with your analysis: 1. After examining the labor relations of both countries (a) What are the prospects for improvement? (b) How likely is institutional change? (b) What challenges in labor relations are workers facing today, in the post-industrial era in both countries (conduct an internet search for current labor challenges and provide citations for your work)? Consider the role of union density in each country for this question as well. Research and state the current union density in each country and explain if union density has either hurt or helped the working class (wages and benefits in both countries). Some examples of working benefits include: minimum wages, paid time off ( sick/vacation/ maternity/paternity leave,etc.) healthcare, retirement benefits, working conditions/ safety,etc). (Answer in 3 pages) 2. Reflect on what you learned in this class (a)What did you learn/What was meaningful to you? (b) How has this class impacted your view of “work” in America and/or internationally? (b) After graduation, if you were given the opportunity to work internationally, which country wouagnld you select and why?

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