Database Management Systems Project

Final Project Paper:
• 7-8 Page Paper
• Use APA 6 or APA 7 (Times New Roman 12pt, double-spaced)
• Due July 16 (EOD)
Elements of the paper:
ϭ͘ Introduction (What is the organization and how does the database provide value to it? In other
words, what are the departmentŽƌoperations needs for data͍ How will ƚŚĞĚĂƚĂďĂƐĞ be used?
Ϯ͘ Summary of the tables and queries:
• Tables: Describe how the tables were tested for referential integrity, accuracy of data and
validation rules
• Queries: Describe the various queries and what business questions or needs they address.
ϯ͘ Design of the Forms and Reports:
• Forms: What forms were developed for which business functions? Are they all usereditable? Describe how data is input using the forms.
• Navigation Form: What features does the Main Navigation Form have and why?
• Reports: What reports were developed for which business reporting needs?
ϰ͘ Design of the Macro(s):
• What does it do/what do they do? How does this help the function of the business?
ϱ͘ Conclusion
Database Design
Tables – Minimum of 8 (Each must have Primary and Foreign keys and be properly
displayed in the Relationships tool as shown below)
For the 8 tables in your database, they must be populated as follows:
• 3 tables must have 20+ records
• 2 tables must have 10+ records
• The 3 remaining tables must have at least 5 records
Do not use real data about real people, financial or other accounts for this project. No
sensitive data should exist in this database.

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