Demand of Elasticity

3-5 page paper with tables
One three-to-five-page word document (excluding bibliography, tables, equations, and graphs) typed, double-spaced, Arial, 12 pt. font research paper must be uploaded on Blackboard by the due date and time. APA/MLA does not matter at this stage. The term paper topic must be your brainchild in consultation with the instructor. First, pick a microeconomic chapter that interests you most, then choose your most preferred concept/s from that chapter, try to relate to the real-world scenario, and run it through the instructor. A topic could be old, but it must show how you explain reality with in-class learned materials. It must be accompanied by real-life data (no hypothetical numbers or numbers made up by students), which must be analyzed using at least one formula from the textbook. The formula used and numbers calculated must be clearly represented in a table as well as graphically, which must be created in excel. Add these tables and graphs at the end of the term paper after references. Each student works on a unique topic. The topic is approved on a first-come, first-served basis. For example, should two students be coming up with the same idea, the student who runs it through the instructor first gets to work on it. A title, student’s full name, term, and course number must appear on the front page in the header. First section shall be an introductory section in which aim of the paper, way to achieve it, and findings (briefly) must be mentioned. Following section (most critical of all sections) describes and explains tables, equations, and graphs. Discuss any expected/unexpected results in the light of the learned materials. The last section concludes the paper. It includes main findings and your learning in the process of writing the paper.

Email from professor- I’m not concerned with data authenticity. Just google and work with free publicly available data to meet the minimum requirements at least and show that you can convey an economic idea to a person who has no clue about economics, have learned and can apply your learning with the help of #s, formulas and graphs in spreadsheet. Pick a product of your choice and see if real life data is available. Just google.

Book is Principles of Economics- eighth edition Author- N. Gregory Mankiw- Chapter 5-
Topic Picked for paper- Demand of Elasticity
Chapter 5 = elasticity = one of the recommended chapters. . Easiest way is to pick a product which the real like data is available for over 5-10 years.

Please advise if you need formulas from this chapter?

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