evolve pain

Evolve activities are included in the modules in this course to assist you in transitioning to a reflective professional nurse. Thoughtful reflection requires that you take a minute and examine your own responses and actions to an activity or situation. Through this analysis, you gain insights into self and your learning. This reflection improves the quality of care that you can apply in other clinical situations. There are generally no correct or incorrect answers to this activity. Your grade will be based on evidence that you completed the activity.

Some health care providers make patients feel like there is a stigma attached to the use of medications for chronic pain. View the following video which shows the nurse providing clear patient information and avoiding the use of medical jargon. The nurse is respectful and is not demeaning when interacting with this patient. The patient is encouraged to explain, how she will use this information when she returns home.

In your post, discuss any barriers you see that might prevent your colleagues in your clinical practice from responding to a patient in this manner.

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