financial statements

The case study report requires you to conduct a company analysis and also requires you to apply your
new knowledge regarding how to analyze financial statements and financial ratios. In addition, you are
also expected to develop a pro forma budget based on what you have learned in this course. You are
expected to provide evidence of your analysis of the case rather than a description of the case study.
Your tasks for the case study assignment are as follows:
1. Analyze Givens’ financial management since she took over Westlake Lanes. Which of her actions
were appropriate? Were any inappropriate? What other actions might Givens have taken? Your
discussion should include clear evidence of your analysis including the rationale behind your
evaluation. 2-4 pages
a. Do you agree with Givens’ prioritization of Westlake’s financial, organizational, and
marketing challenges?
b. What would you have done differently to improve the financial situation of the
organization? Why?
2. Calculate and analyze Westlake’s financial ratios for 2006-2009 based on the information provided
in the case study. Use the spreadsheet posted on Moodle to report your ratio calculations. Provide
a written discussion of your interpretation of Westlake’s financial ratios. Interpret the ratios using
the following assumptions: 2 pages
a. Accounts payable = Current liabilities
b. Industry averages: TAT (6.00), Debt Ratio (45%), NPM (3%), ROA (12%), ROE (10%)
3. By the endpoint of the case, the business is cash flow positive. How should Givens evaluate
whether to build/sell/liquidate the business? What is your assessment of the alternate
opportunities (Kid Friendly Entertainment vs. Upscale Bowling Lounge)? 1-2 pages
4. Based on the financial statements available in the case study, create a future budget for the next
five years (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) of operation.
a. Use the budget template posted on Moodle for your forecasts
b. Include a written discussion in your paper where you provide a rationale for your budgeting
decisions and any changes compared to prior years 2 pages
You may complete the assignment individually or in small groups of no more than four students. You
should submit your written report in a Word document and copy/paste your Excel calculations into
that document and also upload the spreadsheets as separate attachments with your submission. Your
paper should be in APA Style formatting with 12p Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and with
one-inch margins. You

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