Impact of Technology On Society

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I will provide you with the readings we had in the class everything should be from there and these links I need about 2000 words for this project. these are the structure. Also, please take a look at the project guideline that I have attached. – Part 1: – Find your own case study – Deal with a moral dilemma  (when 2 competing moral dilemmas) – Ex: covid 19 tracking app 1 side privacy and on the other hand public health – You need to narrow it down to a specific app, location, policy, and what is moral dilemma exactly – It can NOT be a future dilemma – Part 2: – Apply the 3 ethical theory we learn in course after explaining what the theory very briefly (utilitarianism, deontology <don’t apply=”” ful=”” only=”” and=”” describe=”” fei=””>, john ross theory of justice) <– this section should belong – Part 3 : – Describe what combination of these theories best handle your dilemma and why < — does not have to belong 1 or 2 paragraph is good – How each of the technology paradigms applies to your case study only these paradigms  (OTA paradigm, PTA paradigm, CTA paradigm) – Imagine if these paradigms were in place how would they look like – Quick part which of these paradigms best allows you to achieve what you argue in step 2. – This can look like 1- actual design changes of technology it’s self 2- some kind of technology policy need to takes place to allow this kind of technology to be matching what you were arguing in part 2 finally please be sure that you don’t use any other source other than the readinagngs and the links I provided.</don’t>

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