Keys and Relations


DescriptionKeys and Relations

Relational databases have multiple tables which are connected to each other by one or more attributes. Many of the connected attributes are either primary or foreign keys. Time to discuss relation between keys and attributes further!

This is a two-part discussion. In your initial response, answer both parts and include your reference(s) in APA style.

Part A: Provide one new example of relations (tables) that could have more than one candidate key. Some examples are: employee data that contain both Social Security number and employee number; and state data that contain both state abbreviation and state name. Include an organization that might use the database making use of the relation in your example.

Part B: Provide one new example of relations (tables) that could have computer-generated (surrogate) keys. Some examples are: registration for a sports event such as a 5K race; and hotel reservations. Include an organization that might use the database implementing the relation in your example.

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