Letter to a Legislator


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Refer to the Template Letter to a Legislator as a guide.

This week you’ve gained insight about the importance of policy and how it affects health care. For this assignment, select a health policy issue you believe warrants change and write a letter to a representative in your state requesting aid in addressing the concerns presented.

Search and select a health policy issue you believe requires change to positively impact clinical practice.

Identify your state senators and representative for the district you live in using  and choose who you will address in your letter.

Write a 350-word letter to your senator or congressional representative to address your proposed changes for the health policy issue you selected. You may consider a bill that is currently in front of your state or national legislative bodies.

Include the following in your letter:

Identify who you are (your first and last name) and who you represent (i.e. community member, service provider, advocate).
Clearly define the issue that needs to be addressed, providing evidence that establishes the sense of urgency to take action.
Explain your proposed changes for legislation that will address the issue.
Provide at least 1 strong argument that could persuade your senator or representative to support and hopefully introduce your proposal as a bill into the legislative process.
Research at least 1 opposing argument by locating academic articles using the University Library and provide a detailed response to your opposition’s argument.
Close out your letter by addressing how your proposed legislation may influence outcomes.

Cite references to support your assignment.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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