Myth of AI – Main Essay

The Myth of AI
You’ll be writing an essay explaining the ideas in the book “The Myth of Artificial Intelligence” by Erik Larsen.

You can use examples from the book.  You can also use any of the sentences or sentence fragments I’ve written here.  They are my original work so copying pieces of it is fine.

Each portion of the assignment (listed in bold) should be its own section. Don’t

Summarize the book’s core argument in one short paragraph

Define & outline the three types of thinking (the outline on pg 189 – 190 will be helpful):
Define Deduction (“deductive inference”)
(pgs 107 – 110) Define Deduction
(pgs 110 – 112) Describe the knowledge problem with Deduction
(pgs 112 – 115) Describe the relevance problem.

Induction (“inductive inference”)
Define Induction & the problems (115 – 121)
Define the problems with Induction
Russell’s Turkey & habits of association without understanding regularities
Inductive reasoning lacks knowledge (pg. 124)
Why does Induction work on games, but not life?
Why is Induction ‘brittle’?
What is the problem with inference as trust
Explain Judea Pearl’s argument about the limits of Machine Learning and the importance of understanding cause (130)

Abduction (Chapter 12)
Define Abductive reasoning
You should explain how it is different from Deduction & Induction.
Feel free to use the same examples used in the book
What is the fundamental problem of AI (pg. 189)

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