Operation of Supply Chain organization

Task 1: Choose an organization you are familiar with.
What are the types of goods and services that this organization source?
Who are the key suppliers?
Does the organization use ‘single’ or ‘multiple’ sources for their requirements?
Task 2: You have been informed that the selection of suppliers for much need supplies is failing to deliver the smooth flow of materials into your organization’s supply chain. You are asked to provide your manager with the qualities of a good supplier. List these and justify your reasons for identifying these qualities.
Task 3: Which five key capabilities would you appraise a supplier in order to establish suitability for supply.
Task 4: Assess the four distinct production approaches used in the design of supply chain structures.
Task 5: List five of the main characteristics that should be considered when selecting an appropriate storage system.
Task 6: Choose a warehouse operation of your choice or visit one in your local area.
What are the key activities in this warehouse?
How does the warehouse operation facilitate the flows of goods and service in the supply chain operations?
What can be improved in this warehouse operation?
Task 7: From the scenario in the previous Case Study, what are the types of inventory that Central Business Computers should keep for its supply chain?
Why are these inventories important to the organization’s operational success?
Task 8: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the two main approaches used for replenishment of independent demand items.
Task 9: Assume you are in charge of inventory control for a pharmaceutical or medical store. Your role is to ensure a continuous supply of essential drugs/medicines which include replenishment of stocks.
What replenishment systems would you recommend for this?
Give justifications for your chosen replenishment method.
Task 10: What is order cycle time and why is it important in supply chain operations?
Task 11: Prepare a ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’ analysis of the different modes of transport.
For a supply chain operation of your choice make a recommendation of the most suitable mode or combination of modes of transport for its supply chain operations. Give reasons for your recommendation.
Task 12: What is a logistics ‘cost trade-off’?
Task 13: Explain supply chain integration and why it is essential for customer service. Give examples of supply chain integration in your answer.

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