Outline design report for Extension and refurbishment of historic property


DescriptionYou work as a building surveyor for a firm of chartered surveyors. Your client who is the owner of the Meadows Edge house, wishes to extend and refurbish the property. They are proud of the historic nature of the property but wish to add a modern-designed extension to the house.
The client would like the house to have:
• a new entrance hallway;
• a new kitchen with large open plan living and dining (family) area;
• a new double bedroom with en-suite bathroom on the ground floor;
• a new bathroom as replacement for existing WC and shower on the ground floor.
The client will accept a ‘reordering’ of the interior, but the relevant Planning Department have stated that the exterior appearance of the front of the house is to remain the same. Further details of the Planning Department instructions will be included within the case-study material.
The client is keen for the new design to improve the environmental performance of the house overall.
Prepare an outline design report for the client which includes drawings showing the existing and proposed house.
Your report should contain the following:
• Title page;
• Contents page;
• Introduction to the site;
• A review of the existing building;
• Existing floor plans and elevations redrawn from the case study information with the errors identified and corrected;
• A written and illustrated explanation of the proposal including materials and design features;
• Full set of appropriately scaled planning proposal drawings comprising:
o Siteplan;
o Floorplans;
o Elevations;
o Section (front to rear though the new extension).
• A heritage impact statement of the proposed design;
• A sustainability improvement statement which discusses how the proposal and building changes will improve the overall environmental performance of Meadows Edge;
• Appendices containing only information specific to the proposal comprising:
o Design developments sketches;
o Precedent design studies;
• Reference list. You should include a reference list with a minimum of 10 separate relevant and appropriate sources that you have written about and cited within your work. A bibliography of uncited sources is not required.
Additional guidance
• All assumptions should be clearly stated;
• The report is to be written to an intelligent readership, who may not be building professionals;
• The report is to be cited and referenced throughout;
• The drawings should be of professional quality suitable for a planning submission;
• The drawings should be included within the main body of the report;
• Images of the existing building can be found in the case-study material;
• The submission is to be formatted as a report and should be of professional quality in its presentation;
• The report should be well illustrated;
• All images should be clearly labelled, numbered and cited.

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