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Utilizing the Module 6 Readings, the Module 6 Components of a Strategic Plan Presentation, and Framework for a Basic Strategic Plan Document for a Nonprofit (Links to an external site.) complete a strategic plan with a logic model. Your strategic plan should be at least five and no more than six pages (page count does not include title page, references, nor appendices). It must be presented in a “practice ready” format. In other words, it must include an attractive and professional cover sheet and be formatted in a manner that is easy to follow and is enticing for your audience. Utilize APA formatting for in-text citations and include a references list, but APA formatting is not needed for the main text. You are highly encouraged to utilize headings and other graphics that pull together your document into a clean and organized manner. Minimally, you will need to include the following information for the content and appendices: Executive Summary (one page at maximum) Background (no longer than ½ page) Description of the social problem Include data on the impact of the problem Introduction to your proposed nonprofit (no longer than ½ page) Name of organization Mission statement Goals and objectives Target population/problem/policies Include demographic information and/or as much details about your target group With your new organization, what does success look like? Summary of strategies (at least 1 1/2 pages) Overall approach. Sometimes this is called a theory of change. Think of this section as the narrative of your logic model Attention to diverse cultural contexts Justification for overall approach: Has this been done before in other communities, states, countries? Is there evidence to support your approach? Description of theories that support your approach. Summary of SWOT analysis (no longer than ½ page) Why is your nonprofit the right fit for responding to the social problem? Conclude this section with selling your audience on why now is the right time to move forward with this organization Implementation Considerations (at least 1 ½ pages) Organizational structure (type of structure and governance) Staffing patterns (work distribution) Collaborations (critical partnerships) Physical/virtual space Refer to the Organizational Structure (PDF) (Links to an external site.) Prospective funding sources (at least ½ page) Description about the funding context: Is the social problem a high priority politically, socially, economically? Is the social problem regarded as important by general society? For example, childhood illness is typically more accepted as an urgent problem than adults who are addicted to substances. Discuss any funding ideas or opportunities Appendices SWOT Analysis (graphical depiction of 4 boxes)

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