Stimulated field experience unit 7

You will analyze videos from the University Center for Early Childhood on Guiding Young Children’s Behavior in relation to the classroom arrangement and why this is an important aspect to the classroom. When looking at the classroom environment you will see why well-defined spaces assist in learning that is more creative and encourages behaviors that are more productive.

View the assigned videos multiple times to gain full benefit from the material.
Take notes as you watch the videos to help you compose responses.
Answer each question thoroughly with at least three sentences.
Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

To begin this week, watch this short introductory video:
University Center for Early Childhood

Submit the completed template using the submission link in the unit.

Objective 1: Arranging Classroom Space

State the purpose of the video and give your opinion on its effectiveness.
Describe the setting and the action of the video about learning centers.
Described what surprised you from the video or reinforced your thoughts on the reasons why is important to have clearly defined learning centers.
Explain how you will apply two things that you learned.

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