the stakeholder expectations

Develop a list of 6 quality standards or requirements related to meeting the stakeholder expectations described in the Running Case. Organize your paper so I can clearly see each standard and its description. Use a list format or a table. Avoid cramming your entire list into one long paragraph (bad idea!)

Write a 45- to 90-word brief description of each requirement. For example, a requirement might be that 90 percent of employees have logged into the system within 2 weeks after the system rolls out. Think of these requirements as the traits you would expect from a quality system. If this were a food ordering app, for instance, you would want it to have a useful interface, a long list of restaurants to choose from, different payment options, and so on. You can think of these as “requirements” in this case.

Write an explanation of at least 175 words based on the list of standards and requirements on how you will measure progress on meeting the requirements. This explanation should come after the list above. Avoid trying to incorporate the explanation into the list. For example, you might have employees log into the system as part of the training program and track who attends the training. You could also build a feature into the system to track usage by username, department, and other criteria. Support your answer with at least one credible source outside of the course materials. The more sources (References), the better.

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