Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project. Break down the work to Level 3 or Level 4, as appropriate. Use the Work Breakdown Structure Template and Work Breakdown Structure example in this text as guides. Upload the WBS in list form. The WBS should be based on the information that would be in a project scope of this scenario. You can review your project plan from Week 1.

Create a Gantt chart using the WBS you developed with Microsoft Excel. At the minimum, your WBS needs to have a Start and End date for each task, in order for you to create a Gantt chart. Tasks should happen sequentially, but some can happen at the same time (or at least start at the same time). Additional columns with added information like Task Owner (who is the person/team responsible for this task?), Cost, and so on, are optional.. See complex example below:

Gantt chart example

A proper WBS is worth up to 50 points, and a matching Gantt Chart, with one line for each task in the WBS, is also worth up to 50. If you leave either one out, you will lose 50 points, which is equivalent to half a letter grade on your Final Grade for the course. The more detailed and realistic you make the WBS and Gantt, the better. Minimal work = Minimal grade

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