Write an essay on character in The Epic of Gilgamesh.

Write an essay that examines the ways in which a main character is connected to a major theme in The Epic of Gilgamesh.

Select one character:



Essays should cite directly from the text in each body paragraph.
Include a Works Cited page.
Essays should be 3 pages. (This means the content of the essay should completely fill three pages. Two and a half pages is not enough. Also, the Works Cited section is not included in the page count.)

Here are some questions to help you generate ideas for your essay. They are provided here to give you a sense of a what kinds of things you might want to write about in your essay.

Is this a story about challenging the cosmic order? If so, how does Gilgamesh help to express that thematic idea?
Is this a story about the importance of relationships in determining our individual identity? If so, how does Enkidu help to express that thematic idea?
Is this a story about what it means to be a hero? If so, how can Gilgamesh (and his flaws) be seen as a commentary on heroism? Why are his flaws important in understanding the idea(s) he stands for in the story?
How does Gilgamesh relate to the idea of mortality in the story?
How does Enkidu relate to the idea of mortality in the story?

Note: For an essay of this length, you will want roughly five body paragraphs. So, as you decide on your exact topic, it will be helpful to make an outline. Try to list five different points you can make (or five different ways to support an answer) in response to one of the questions on the list.

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