Incorporate the Dissertation proposal

DescriptionIntroduction and literature required for the first sections of my dissertation. I have added extra words to the count or the appendix.
o Introduction, Scope and Identification 2,000 words

o lit review 4,000 words

o primary data collection 3,000 words

o analysis 4,000 words

o conclusion 2,000 words

o bibliography after appendices

Incorporate the Dissertation proposal to create this and use the same format.
However, it was flagged that it needs to be more obvious that the focus will be on residential real estate.
It was also noted that the literature review should include predominantly academic journals. The literature review should highlight that there are minor gaps which show the need to delve into the key objectives below;
study the impact of macroeconomic factors on residential real estate within London, the UK.
evaluate the impact of macroeconomics on cross border investment
determine how macroeconomics can influence the prices of real estate
establish whether now is a good time to invest in real estate

There should also be a section in the literature review to show how macroeconomic can impact supply and demand and insert cycles and include a diagram that shows this.- use Richard Barras literature for this.
The literature review should also show;
· push and pull factors – look at investment journals on money coming out of certain countries

· show the change in type of purchaser trends in the countries investing

· Show diagrams and graphs

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