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Shawn is a 16 y.o. male who lives with his mother and stepfather and 5 y.o. stepbrother. His parents divorced when he was 6 y.o., and his mother remarried when he was 10 y.o. Shawn and his stepfather never developed a close relationship, and Shawn often gets in trouble with his mother and stepfather for picking on his stepbrother. His mother began complaining to the school some years ago about Shawn’s poor grades and frequently requested he be “tested” for ADHD. Shawn’s physician did provide consultation on this question, but felt that Shawn had only mild difficulties that did not meet criteria for a full diagnosis. Shawn’s mother complains that he’s “just like his dad”, who had difficulties keeping a job. Shawn has now come to an outpatient clinic for a mental health examination. Answer the following questions about Shawn: Results of the DSM-5 Cross-Cutting Measures Assessment Discussion of SDQ findings and their level of integration with the cross-cutting measures. What questions do they raise about diagnosis? Additional information required for diagnosis DSM-5 Diagnosis, Diagnostc Rationale, and Differential Diagnosis Initial Treatment Plan: Address the issue of community safety. What actions are needed to prevent physical altercationagns? What is possible? attached is the video

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