Discusstion assignmet for Biological Biodiversity

Watch the Wild Waysdocumentary, available for free to NEIU students through the library.  Go to https://fod-infobase-com.eu1.proxy.openathens.net/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=129893 (I will also send you the video transcript)
As you watch, take notes about how large animals are affected by habitat fragmentation and efforts to conserve these threatened species.
2.  The documentary focuses on species with larger body mass such as lions, grizzlies, elephants, and wolves.  Write your initial post on what you learned from the documentary about either 1) ways in which these big species are impacted by separation of their habitat into fragments, or 2) efforts that are being undertaken to mitigate these impacts.  To support the points you make, choose examples and details discussed in the documentary about these species’ ecology, behavior, or genetic diversity to explain why they are impacted by fragmentation or why the efforts that are being undertaken are needed.  .  Start a new thread to make this initial post and make the title specific.
3.  Reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts.  Expand upon what your classmates wrote by providing additional information, clarifying points, offering new insights, and/or asking relevant questions that can further the discussion.  These reply posts are due Thursday, June 24 by noon.
IMPORTANT:  Make the titles of both your initial post and your reply posts specific, so that by reading the title others in the class will be intrigued and will want to read your responses.  (In short, don’t just use your classmates’ titles as the title of your reply posts- write unique titles for each of your reply posts, just as you do for your inital post!)

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