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The American society seems to represent the global discourse on veiling the Islamic Hijab partially. This is because even though the US government has not made any specific laws to govern veiling the Hijab in line with its ideals of religious pluralism and ethnic diversity, the American society has remained adamant to accept this approach. The American Hijab is thus marred in controversy emanating from the global religious and political discourse concerning how Muslim women are to make veiling decisions. This has mainly entailed entertaining the negative depictions of the Hijab as influenced by the 9/11 terrorist attacks and tragedy. Nonetheless, the fact that a terrorist group did the 9/11 incident does not imply that Islam is a threat to the security and safety of American society, as there is a major difference between radical Islam and spiritual Islam. In spiritual Islam, the American Hijab can better reflect several American ideals if decisions to wear the Hijab are based on the agency and autonomy of the wearer, who is are mainly Muslim women. The American values in this case, would subsume individualism, religious freedom, and freedom of choice as well as American pragmatism.

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