Psychotherapeutic approaches

Each student will write a research paper/literature review exploring one of the topics below, or a topic of your own choice. Please inform the professor of such accordingly. This paper should be 6 pages in length, in addition to cover page, abstract, and references page. APA style is required. Please, refer to the class schedule for the due dates. The paper should include at least 10 bibliographic references (with at least five professional journal articles). A strong emphasis for grading will be placed on APA format and style.
This paper will consist of the following elements:
1) Investigate your topic of choice utilizing your selected sources. Explore basic tenants, ethical principles, and relevance of the topic’s manifestation in today’s world
2) Suppose that you are a Christian Counselor and a client entered your office struggling with your topic of choice, how would you effectively work with this client? What spiritual interventions would you employ?

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