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Read the “The Invisible People and the Area Agency on Aging” case in Chapter 4 of Netting et al. (2008). Write a paper in which you address the following prompts: Analyze the case at the beginning of Chapter 4 using an emergent approach. What would you have done the same as described in the case? What would you have done differently? Where do you think the social worker might go next in the process (or what might they do next)? Why? Examine the skills necessary to engage in interpretive planning. How many of them are the same or similar to the skills necessary in traditional, rational planning? Of those that are similar, discuss in detail how the skills would need to be enacted differently in “emergent approaches.” The collaboration necessary in interpretive planning to reach real consensus requires a great deal of time. Which strategies could be used to deal with the impatience that usually accompanies the process of reaching consensus? What might be undertaken to slow the pressure towards premature closure, especially when that pressure might be coming from outside regulators or funders? How would you determine if an “emergent approach” is appropriaagnte for a planning process?

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