SPCA Pet Day Event


DescriptionNow, you’re going to work on some traditional products for Pet Day and help ensure sufficient and accurate media coverage. You’ll identify media representatives and produce a media advisory to help them determine which events they want to cover. You’ll identify a spokesperson to meet with the media at the event and write talking points for that individual. Further, you’ll write a radio PSA and a television PSA to send to local media outlets to help promote the event. You’ll draft a short speech for Ellie to deliver on Pet Day, keeping in mind that aspects of this speech will likely end up broadcast on a variety of channels. Finally, you’ll plan or develop a product of your choice. This undoubtedly sounds like a lot. Some of these tasks involve writing only a few lines or making a few discrete choices; all the traditional products put together should take up no more than a few pages. However, each product has its own distinct purpose and character, and each task should be completed with deliberation. It’s the process itself and the care that goes into it that gives each deliverable its value. Take the time to study the resources and carefully work through each task. This will give you insight into engaging the media and tweaking a message to maximize the impact of any communications campaign.
Identify Media Reps
Many of the products you’re creating this week support getting the media involved with the event, keeping them informed, and fostering a relationship that will help the SPCA promote Pet Day and further its goals and objectives long after the event is over. Learn about the media relations aspect of event planning to understand the importance of media relations in general as well as how to communicate with the media about an event. Be sure to look at the sample media advisories in addition to reading the Broom & Sha section that provides such a good overview of this topic.
Once you have a handle on media relations, identify at least three representatives to whom to send the Pet Day advisory. Refer to your Project 2 media outlet research and conduct additional searches as needed to identify at least one print news outlet, one local radio station, and one local TV station. Choose an editor or other contact person from each outlet to serve as your media rep. Please refer to Project 4 Plan an event 7-11 instructions for full details of the assignments. please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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