The 1619 project

This is a research paper on the 1619 project. Must be 2 pages single spaced 10 point font. Must have a works sighted Paige
must have 4-6 references. 3 witch must be pulled from my college library.
You have to pull quotes from both the agreeing side and the opposing side side. This is an argumentative research paper.

my college library database. Polk State College (Polk County Florida)
1-go to website
2-go to Library/TLCC
3-artickles database
4-Letter O
5-Log in as student
6-read away! The professor choose the letter O but choose whatever you’d like she just said its easier because I strongly have to wright both opposing sides. also it comes with a works sighted already referenced just copy and paste she said!

Underline the thesis!

begin the reasesarching process with a research question and spend the entire paper answering the question and proving your point.
use formal language no first or second person.
80% your words 20% your sources

grade is based on 20% grammar 40%content 40%MLA format

7 paragraphs 5-6 sentences each.
law bad
law god

you have to include the other side of the argument

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