Critical analysis of a film review

 For this assignment, choose a film that you can watch and study repeatedly (i.e. one you own or can rent) and analyze it using one of the six approaches discussed in Chapter 4 of A Short Guide to Writing About Film. Specifically, you can analyze the film’s historical context, cultural or national character, genre, directorial style (auteur criticism), formal elements, or ideology. A critical analysis of a film differs in several respects from a review. The critical analysis appeals to students or aficionados of film with background knowledge about the medium. As a result, the critical analysis is more scholarly in tone than the review, and includes some background research beyond casual viewing. A critical analysis has a clear thesis statement supported with numerous details, careful analysis, and presented with a logical organization. Since readers of critical analyses often know the plot of the film already, a plot summary is not required, and if necessary, should be kept to a minimum. The critical analysis may concentrate on only one portion or sequence in the film and explore it fully. Finally, since the focus of the critical analysis is on a specific element of film composition, you should avoid overall evaluations based on personal taste. In essence, your essay should, through careful analysis of your chosen film using one of the six approaches, highlight an important aspect of the film and identify to readers the importance of this aspect. As a result, your readers should want to go back to the film and explore the ideas you examine on their own. Minimum requirements: Your essay should be 5-7 double spaced, typed pages (not including the Works Cited) with one inch margins; use 12 pt. Times New Roman font; use MLA documentation style; and include a Works Cited page. While there is no minimum required number of sources, keep in mind that one of the most important aspects of formal writing is establishing your credibility and expertise to your readers. One of the best methods to achieve this credibility (aside from proper language usage) is to illustrate your knowledge and research through in-text citations of credible/authoritative sources. In general, you should have about the same number of outside sources as you have page numbers. Since the film you examine will be your primary source of information, you need to cite it on the Works Cited page but you do not need in text citations for quotes/paraphrases/summaries from the film if the source is clear from the context. 

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