Marketing 400 level case study


LENGTH: 3-4 pages typed on word document+ financials on WORKING excel spreadsheet 



1. Solve case attached “Coleman Art Museum case” 

2. Follow document attached as “Hints” very strictly please, this is very important please

3. Use IFAAR format for the case, attached as “ifaar instructions” some changes made to format which are mentioned in the “hints” attachment 

4. Regarding the financials, you need to show it all on a WORKING excel spreadsheet, used attached as “outline format for excel”, so first years calculations (2003) along with year 2004 are given. Please relate and refer to calculation on the case.. numbers are to back your reasoning up.  

5. be very direct and to the point, so state issue, followed by factors, then alternatives and end with reccomendation 


So i will need 3-4 pages typed following the ifaar format followed by a working excel sheet, so I should receive 2 documents from you 

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