Nist forensic tools | Education homework help



1) APA 7th Ed format (to include introduction and conclusion)

2) Due 19 June

3) 3 Page minimum (not including title page and APA references)

4) Minimum of 3 References (including the 1 provided/uploaded)

5) Plagiarism-Free

Background/Required Reading/REQUIRED References:


Use the National Institute of Standards and Technology Computer Forensic Tool Testing Reports ( to select ONE forensic tool category (listed below and on the web page linked) and discuss how to use that tool category in conducting a forensic analysis at ANY company you wish. Your company can be government, non-profit, for-profit, education, etc. Any type of organization can be used. Discuss how you would apply the tool category in performing forensic testing.  Provide references to the sources you use in researching this tool category.

This will be written as a 3 to 4-page analysis for management on the tools for the forensics category you select.  In management reports, it is always good to make use of tables and charts where possible. Be sure and include references.

Forensic Tool Categories:

· Binary Image (JTAG, Chip-Off) Decoding and Analysis Tools

· Deleted File Recovery and Active File Listing

· Digital Data Acquisition

· Disk Imaging

· Forensic Media Preparation

· Graphic File Carving

· Hardware Write Block

· Mobile Device Acquisition

· String Search Tool

· Software Write Block

· Video File Carving

· Write Protected Drive

· Windows Registry Forensic Tool

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