Tissues and skin experiment 1: microscopic slide examination of tissue


Post-Lab Questions 

1. What structural characteristics did you observe for each type of tissue? Be specific.

2. What is the difference between simple, stratified and pseudo-stratified epithelial tissue?

3. Describe the cell shape of squamous, cuboidal and columnar epithelial cells.

4. Does the number of cell layers or the cell shape play a role in the function of the epithelial tissue? Provide three examples.

5. List and describe the different types of connective tissue. What similarities and differences did you notice when viewing the prepared slides?

6. What are the three components of the extracellular matrix in connective tissue?

7. What are the three types of cartilage? What are their similarities and differences? 

8. What are the three types of muscular tissue? For each, describe the cell shape, the type of control (voluntary or involuntary) and the presence or absence of striations.

9. Looking at the nervous tissue, state the cell processes visible (i.e., axon) on the prepared slide. For each process, state the function.

10. What is the difference between multipolar, bipolar and unipolar neurons?

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