Write a 1,000–1,300-word essay describing conflicts of interest in


Students will analyze the conflict that law enforcement officers pose when investigating one of their own. Because police officers have immunity, justification for not prosecuting is often given to the prosecution. The Botham Jean case is a perfect example of why law enforcement officers should not have the power to investigate their own. https://keenwriter.xyz/uncategorized/write-a-1000-1300-word-essay-describing-conflicts-of-interest-in-law-enforcement/ Even when an outside agency is involved, other corresponding conflicts arise and could put any potential case headed to trial in jeopardy. Students should be able to identify conflicts of interest in law enforcement and the reasons that investigating your own is not in the best interest of the case.

Write a 1,000–1,300-word essay describing conflicts of interest in law enforcement addressing the following:

· Research the Botham Jean case at the university library.

· Discuss some of the conflicts of interest associated with this case.

· Analyze the role of the initial prosecutor on the case and her reluctance to bring charges.

· Provide an example of how the initial contact helped Amber Guyger’s case.

· Provide at least 3 references to bolster your claim.

Class: Criminal Investigation

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