Magellan cans assessment | Psychology homework help

We are only rating the mom Only. This is for someone who has experience with the CANS assessment only:Please see attachment


When completing the vignettes, there is a vignette assumption. That is, when reading assume that a full assessment has been done and no mention means ‘no evidence’. This is the standard quality assurance if it is not documented it does not exist assumption. What that means, then if there is no mention of a need, the rating should be a ‘0’. If there is no mention of a strength, then the rating should be a ‘3’. So, no mention of a suicidality would result in a rating of ‘0’ on Suicide Risk. No mention of any talents or interests would result in a rating of ‘3’ on Talents/Interests.

Another way to think about it is that you start the assessment with all 0 ratings on the Needs and all 3 ratings on the Child/Youth Strength and then you look for evidence to adjust your scores accordingly using the action levels.   Caregiver ratings use the Need action levels for the vignettes. 

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