Step standard 5 – implementation of instructional unit

Implementing an instructional unit requires analysis of student   learning and reflection of teacher practices. To this point,   pre-assessment data has been analyzed and a unit designed to address   learning needs. The next step is to implement a unit and analyze data   to determine learning outcomes.

Implement the unit you have designed. You have already implemented   and analyzed the pre-assessment. In this topic, you will implement all   lesson activities, correlating formative assessments, and the   summative post-assessment. Choose one of the lesson activities to   video record a 5-10 minute segment to review and reflect on your   teaching. Have your cooperating teacher/mentor review the recording   and provide feedback, if possible.

Complete STEP Standard 5 by summarizing, in 500-750 words, your   experience teaching your unit. Include the following:

Summary of Unit Implementation

  • Discuss each lesson activity and whether the execution of each     lesson went exactly as planned.
  • Describe the engagement     strategies used and if they helped foster the learning goals.

Summary of Student Learning 

  • Describe your initial perception of the overall student   learning.
  • Describe the results from your observations and     each measurement of learning that supports your initial perception     of student learning. (Note: This summary is intended to be brief. It     does not need to include detailed data results on formal     assessments, as you will be analyzing these more closely in the next   topic.)
  • Describe one student’s learning or response     that caused you to rethink your plans.
  • Describe how you     responded to that student including why you thought this would     improve student progress, and what effect, if any, it had on the   student.

Reflection of Video Recording 

  • Describe your perceptions of your teaching performance.
  • Identify one thing you would like to improve upon in your future     teaching (be specific), and one thing you felt you did well and how     you will build upon it.
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