1. what is your assessment of both the stress affecting you and your

1. What is your assessment of both the stress affecting you and your anxiety this semester across various dimensions of your life? How has the stress and anxiety affected your personal academic decisions this term? 2. If you worry, describe it and its power over you. After reading our chapters (specifically ch.10) how will you attempt to change? 3. Write the impact this course has had on your public speaking, time management, test preparation, problem solving, research & writing anxiety, study habits and any other skill you have strengthen. In other words, how have your transformed your “academic self”? 4. What areas in your life and academics do you need to focus on so that you are successful in future college classes?

For this assignment you will write a self change contract in the form of a Journal
Reflection (refer to your book, too) they are also listed below:

You paper NEEDS to be 2 pages in length; 12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced, and you should reflect and provide examples for your self change contract. DO NOT answer with simple one word answers such as”Yes” or “No”. Make sure to explain yourself with details and examples. Do not take short cuts – your Professor reads every word. 🙂

***PROOFREAD before submitting your paper.***

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