Accounting with computers: chapter 4



1. Draw the diagram that shows how payroll accounting is done.

2. When setting up payroll defaults, what is the first step?

3. Identify the five tabs on the Employee Defaults window.

4. What is the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps window used for?

5. What do the check marks in the Calc column of the employee defaults indicate? Explain.

6. What is the difference in the appearance of the Payroll Entry window for an hourly employee and a salaried employee? Explain.

7. Why do the employee deductions display as negative amounts on the Payroll Entry window?

8. What are the gross pay amounts for Brandee M. Nunnley and for Drake V. Carter? Include Mr. Carter’s overtime pay.

9. What is the net pay for Brandee M. Nunnley and for Drake V. Carter? Include Mr. Carter’s overtime pay.

10. What happens when payroll entries are posted?


1. What pay methods does Bellwether Garden Supply use to pay employees? Briefly explain how you determine Bellwether’s pay method.

2. Are all employees paid the same way; for example, bi-weekly? Explain how to determine the frequency with which an employee is paid.

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