Audio visual presentation: gb518: financial accounting principles and

 GB518: Financial Accounting Principles and Analysis | Unit 5 Unit 5 Assignment: Case Study Project Part 3 PowerPoint Presentation with Voiceover The third and final part of the Case Study is due at the end of Unit 5. You will create a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover. (Steps for creating a PowerPoint voiceover are presented at the end of this document). The voiceover will be the narrative you would be presenting if this were a live presentation. You will, in essence, be making a presentation to your colleagues and instructor. Your Unit 4 Assignment, Part 2 of the Case Study, will be the beginning point for your PowerPoint presentation. Begin with a brief introduction on the introductory slide. Then, using your Unit 4 Case Study Assignment as the basis, build a PowerPoint presentation that discusses all required components of the appropriate textbook Continuing Case problems. In addition to the requirements for the Unit 4 Case Part 2, the Unit 5 Case PPT will require additional content. CC11 from the textbook, Part 1 (a) is a new requirement. Incorporate your answers to those three questions. Assume that your colleagues are your audience and they have not read the Unit 4 Case you completed in Part 2 of the Project. Even though this will be a brief presentation, it should include all essential information and data in condensed format. This aspect of the presentation would provide the proper perspective they need to make informed decisions. Include a summary slide immediately before your references slide. Be sure to review the grading rubric (at the end of this document) before submitting your Assignment to ensure optimum assessment! The PowerPoint presentation must include a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 14 slides. The first slide must be a title slide, and the final slide must be your reference list. The audio presentation itself (voiceover) should be 12–15 minutes long. In addition to recording the voiceover, the text (or “script”) of your voiceover must be written into the Notes section of each slide. Proper grammar and spelling will be an important part of the Assignment. Be sure to perform a spell check. Remember this very important presentation technique — Do not present slides that contain too much information. Keep the slides clean and uncluttered by using bullet points. The Notes section allows you to provide as much content and details about the presentation as are needed. The slides should also be designed to serve as the basis for the voiceover narrative. That is, the slides should simply be an outline or “platform” from which you launch your full presentation. Submit your PowerPoint presentation to the Unit 

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