Test bank for managing engineering and technology 6th edition by lucy

Test Bank For Managing Engineering and Technology 6th Edition by Lucy C. Morse , Daniel L. Babcock



What student Can Expect From A Test Bank?

A test bank will include the following questions:

  1. True/False
  2. Multiple Choice Questions
  3. Matching Questions
  4. Fill In The Blanks
  5. Essay Questions
  6. Short  Questions


  1. Howwouldyoudistinguishbetweenengineeringmanagementandmanagementin general?
  2. GiveanexampleoftheAbileneParadox,otherthantheonesgiveninclass.
    Write your example in paragraph form stating the Abilene Paradox and how your example conforms to this paradigm. State this so that someone outside of class may understand what we are talking about.
    1. What have we learned from classical management thinking? Give 3 items
    2. WhatwasapositivevalueofMaxWeber’smodelof“bureaucracy”?
    3. CommentshavebeenmadeastothepositiveandnegativeaspectsofFrederick Taylor’s teachings. Give 2 positive comments on the teachings and discuss.With studying the motions, the work was optimized which yielded much greater production and profit, this allowed better rates to be paid to employees, this helped the employees and the willingness to work. (pp. 31-32)
    4. A strategy is a statement about the way to achieve objectives. Why is it important to have alternate strategies?
      A: There are many ways to achieve a given objective. Also, while discussing alternative strategies, one may be better than the originally proposed strategy. The diversity in alternative strategies could lead to a more adaptable way of reaching the initial objective.
    5. 17. What changes in an organization structure might you expect as a result of the information revolution?
    6. Canmultinationalcompaniesovercometheneedforco-locationofteammembers when the teams must be created with people who come from greatly separated geographical locations? If your answer is yes, how can they accomplish this? If your answer is no, support your answer. 
    7. Giveacompany’smissionthatyoufoundontheweb.
      A: Answer depends on the student and their experience
    8. 10.What is a difference in a Vision and a Mission for a company?
      A: A vision is more of a long term goal whereas a mission is more immediate and focused particularly on the business aspect.
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