the chemistry current event/technology writing assignment

It should be a minimum of 750 words (not including references!). 

You pick the topic!  Choose something that interests you, something that caught your attention in class.  It can even be a topic we didn’t cover in detail (or cover at all!) in class.  Almost every topic can have a chemistry connection, if you look hard enough!  Even non-scientific fields such as history or art make use of chemistry.


Find a science related current article about a subject that interests you, written in the last year or two. It can be a current event, social/political issue, or an emerging technology related to chemistry.

You may use a newspaper, a magazine, the internet. Below are some suggestions of sites where you can find science news:


Science News for Students:

Science News:

Science Daily:

The New York Times:

Popular Science:

American Association for the Advancement of Science:

There are many others! Also check the science section of your favorite magazines and newspapers.


Click on ‘Ebsco Power Search’ and choose your databases

When searching for your topic, click ‘Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals’ to find a journal article on your topic

I recommend finding a review article on the topic as they are easier to read. You can type in the term ‘review’ if you used ‘Advanced Search’


Write a report that describes your topic: a current event, social/political issue, pharmaceutical, or an emerging technology related to chemistry.


Summarize the newly learned information from your two articles; do not use quotes from the source. Include how your article relates to Chemistry. Write in your own words!


Provide an APA or MLA formatted citation for both articles at the bottom of the page.

2 sources minimum: your news article AND your peer-reviewed journal.

You may have more than 2 sources, and your textbook can be one of them!

Only 1 of your additional sources can be Wikipedia!

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