Discussion 1: understanding job satisfaction


Attitudes color every aspect of people’s everyday lives. Attitudes certainly affect an employee’s work life and organizational success. One of the major job attitudes is job satisfaction. The job itself may have qualities or factors that contribute to an employee’s job satisfaction or dissatisfaction; hours, pay, environment, culture, and the amount or type of work all play a role. Other factors can include the quality of social aspects of the workplace environment, such as employee relationships and support. Virtual work can have an impact on job satisfaction, as it may affect social relationships due to reduced face-to-face interaction.

In this Discussion, you will explore job attitudes at play at Walden Sports and come up with ways to measure them.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • View Introducing Walden Sports, Inc. found in this week’s media Learning Resources. Assuming the role of a consultant, identify job satisfaction problems within Walden Sports and think about data you may need to collect in order to better understand those problems. 
  • Read the article “Organizational Behavior: Affect in the Workplace.” Consider the production of moods and their consequences in a workplace such as Walden Sports.
  • Read the article “Understanding Job Satisfaction in the Causal Attitude Network (CAN) Model.” Compare the measurement of job satisfaction models and how that can support your choice of data collection strategy. See Appendix B, the “Detailed Methods” section, on page 28.
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