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Every   day we use data in one way or another in our daily lives, we find ways to   analyze situations and create viable solutions based on quantitative and   qualitative information that we collect mentally as well as physically.  For this project you are going to become an   educational advisor for a fictional educational institution.  The Vice President of Instruction of the   institution has provided you with the raw data of the assessment scores of   their students’ final exam in their GED Preparation Course.  The course consists of scores in   mathematics and English and Pass or Fail Overall Score.  There is also information in regard to the   demographics of the students.

Based   on the raw data that you have been provided, you are going to develop a   presentation using visuals of the data that have been provided.  You are going to make recommendations to   the Vice President of Instruction of the University of suggested improvements   that can be made based on your analysis of the data that has been provided to   you.

Within   your data presentation include:

A   variety of graphics that illustrate the represented data

An   explanation of what each graphic represents

Explain   how the graphics should be interpreted (include a key)

Finally,   summarize your analyzation of the data and provide the VP with some   suggestions to improve the quality of instruction within the school.  Refer to your visuals within your summary.

The Excel File attached will allow to you manipulate, sort and evaluate the data as you see fit for the project.

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