Case study- gossels v. fleet national bank appeals court of


he cases are assigned based on what group you are in, but each  student will treat this as an individual assignment. You must write and  submit an individual paper. Your response should be well rounded and  analytical and should not just provide a conclusion or an opinion  without explaining the reason for the choice. For full credit, you need  to use the material from the week’s lectures, text, and/or discussions  when responding to the questions. Post your case analysis in the  corresponding week’s assignment dropbox. The case assignments are posted  below in the Case Assignments.

The assignment should consist of a Word Document, 2 pages in length  double spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins not including the title  page and reference page. (Short papers will lose significant points!!).  All cases will automatically be submitted to Turnitin. Your paper should  follow the case format (below) and include a summary of the relevant  facts, the law, judicial opinion, etc.

Research the case using the case citation in the Library under  databases (select – HeinOnline),, and other legal sources.  Research the parties and circumstances of the case itself.

Utilize the case format found in the Case Analysis Module.

Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

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