Chapter 3 quiz – crete & greece summer 2015

Question 1

The Minoans lived

Question 2

The conclusion that the Minoans went barefoot inside of their houses comes from

Question 3

Which of the following are aspects of Minoan costume that are not clear?

Question 4

Which of these types of garments were NOT worn by the Minoans?

Question 5

The costume of the Minoans and that of the Mycenaeans was similar.

Question 6

Pleated linen garments were popular among the

Question 7

Which of the following are characteristics of the Doric peplos?

Question 8

What is the name of the garment described here: A garment for men and women that was cut full and pinned with a number of small pins over the arms.

Question 9

What is said to have been the origin of the garment described in question no. 8?

Question 10

When a Greek youth set off on a journey, he would most likely have worn

Question 11

The name of the garment in which Greek philosophers were most likely to be depicted was

Question 12

Under this garment the philosopher would most likely be shown as wearing

Question 13

Infants in ancient Greece were wrapped in bnads of fabric, a practice called

Question 14

The components of Greek military costume included a close-fitting, shaped body armor that,

in modern terminology, is called:

Question 15

Greek theatrical costume included tragic masks, and tall wigs for male actors and thick-soled,

platform shoes for female actors.

Question 16

The correct chronological order for periods in Greek history is:

Question 17

The Hercules knot, the stephane, and laurel wreaths were all part of Greek costume for








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