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 In the article “What is Net Promoter..”, the metric of Net Promoter Score (NPS) is discussed as a powerful measure of customer satisfaction. NPS subtracts the percentage of “Detractors” in a company’s customer base (customers not likely to recommend your company to others) from “Promoters” (customers who are likely to recommend your company). The higher a company’s NPS, the greater the expected impact of satisfied customers on business growth. 

  • In your opinion, is this single-item measure of customer satisfaction sufficient to gauge how well your firm is serving its customers? If yes, why? If no, what are the limitations of relying on NPS as a measure of customer satisfaction?
  • Approach is to give an answer to a topic’s question or discussion prompt
  • Should be at least 200 words in length
  • Incorporate at least two information source into an answer post. The aim is to bring objectivity or support to positions taken. Answer posts are not purely opinion pieces.
  • Source should be cited in the text of your answer post to signal to readers how the source was used.
  • Source should be fully cited at the end of the post. APA style is recommended.
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